I think Rin’s shoujo vision is so important like ((sorry I’m going to shipper goggle the second picture)) this is how he sees Haruka. he sees him as this majestic prince who has his own breeze, cherry blossoms fluttering around him, the whole ‘shoujo-esque’ white background/aura around him; not to mention those big shoujo-y eyes. he sees Haruka as his hero. but he also sees him as this cool, stoic hottie. I mean, when the other boys fade into the image

they all still look like themselves; in character. not to say Haruka doesn’t look in character, but just actually look at him — he is there, dead center, giving off a completely different vibe from the other boys; just looking so powerful. for Rin.

Rinchan, your big gay crush on dolphin boy is the most precious thing ever please never change or hide your feelings because aahhh you deserve the best & all the happiness in the world with your schoolgirl crush.